Circular Rainbow in Tokyo

Rainbows are always circular, but since we’re on the ground we can usually only see the top half. But if you get up high enough, say in the Tokyo Skytree (1476 feet high), you might just be high enough to get the entire reflection! This photo was taken July 31st, 2016. Via RocketNews 24.



Kawaii Monster Cafe

Sharla in Japan went to visit the Kawaii Monster cafe in Harajuku. The colors are amazing! I think my favorite food item is the “colorful poison” parfait which Sharla said was a bit much for 5 people! And the bouncy ball sink in the bathroom looks so cool! I hope when I make it to Japan the cafe is still there!

Technicolor Ooze California Mural

This is the Platform retail building in Culver City, California, which is scheduled to open in spring 2016 according to their website.

LA artist Jen Stark created this “drippy and trippy” mural which is apparently called Technicolor Ooze. I especially love how the colors range from pastel to vivid!

DesignBoom via Adafruit

Neon Waterfall

Two photographers named Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard went to a local waterfall, dumped in some glowsticks (which float), and took long exposures of the glowing lights to make this beautiful picture. Don’t worry about the environment – they didn’t open the glowsticks, and they were all retrieved afterwards! Via This is Colassal. Click through to see more!


Sydney’s Rainbow Crosswalks

According to Buzzfeed: “A popular rainbow crosswalk has been suddenly removed from Sydney, Australia’s gay and lesbian district because the city claimed it was a traffic hazard. The crosswalk was created to honor the 35th anniversary of the gay and lesbian carnival, and supporters want to keep the crosswalk because they say it serves as a symbol of the city’s tolerance.”

This is what it used to look like:


In response to the city removing the crosswalk, people have started creating their own rainbow crosswalks. Here’s a few examples. Click through to the Buzzfeed article to see the rest.