Every Lego Color Ever Made

A Lego enthusiast named Jeremy Moody made a chart of every Lego color ever produced.

“There are 182 different pieces. And no matter how the LEGO piece looks, if it has a unique color, it’s right there on the chart… Some elements might be pretty common, but most are only available in small quantities or were only part of some old set decades ago and are really hard to find these days.”

Reddit thread via Kotaku

Eucalyptus Tree

Would you believe me if I told you there exists a beautiful tree that looks like many colors of paint had been dripped over its trunk? It’s true! From Listverse:

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is a tree with bark so brightly colored that it is almost hard to believe that it is not an elaborate practical joke. This tree, native to the Philippines, sheds the outer layer of its bark often to expose new, green bark underneath. As the bark ages it goes through several color changes from green, to blue, to purple, to orange, and finally to brown before being shed. Because the bark is shed in irregular patches the tree displays a collection of all these colors at once giving a kaleidoscopic effect. They can be grown in many places which will not experience frosts but in the Philippines they are mostly cultivated for use in paper manufacture and not as decorative trees.