Glitch Achievements

This post is a bit sad because we all just found out that our beloved Glitch game is closing down. But here are some achievements they added recently. (Click each image to go to the Glitch encyclopedia.)

Rainbo Taster
Category: Cooking
Blenderized 17 Rainbo Sno Cones

Rainbo Brite
Category: Cooking
Whipped up 73 Rainbo Sno Cones in an unexcitingly generic red blender

The Rainbo Connection
Category: Cooking
Magically blended 317 Rainbo Sno Cones (in a distinctly non-magical blender)

And here’s the Rainbow Sno Cone itself:

Rainbo Sno Cone
Category: Food
A rainbo in Sno Cone form, eating this blend of all the other Sno Cones makes your tongue tingle, your sinuses snigger and your spine spontaneously decide to go on a tropical vacation to Shimmyville. Warning: Contains gloriously high levels of iMG.

Rest in peace to our beloved game, Glitch. 2009-2012.

Antics in Glitch

Some of my friends and I play a great MMO called Glitch. The game has small rainbows with a star called Random Kindnesses that let you bestow 50 energy or mood on someone, and rainbow potions that you can pour out to create a rainbow that bounces you super high! Also, a few streets have rainbows, there’s a party space based on the double rainbow, and we’ve even come up with our own rainbow antics! Here are a few pics!

World of Warcraft’s Rainbow Generator

Do you play World of Warcraft? I don’t, so I don’t know much about it. But my friend Kristy sent me this Joystiq post featuring the Rainbow Generator. Its stats are as follows:

Rainbow Generator
Binds when picked up
+14 Stamina
Item Level 55
Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 9 (0.93% @ L44).
Use: Rainbow Power! (10 Min Cooldown)

The Old Cloud: The Adventure of Rainbow for iOS

Help “Rainbow,” a white cloud, to rescue “The Old Cloud” from the dark and malevolent clouds that made the world a scary place.

Thanks to “The Old Cloud” the world was still cheerful, colorful and full of light. Dark clouds were jealous because they can not generate the rainbow and became the ones that made the world dark and damp, They abducted “The Old Cloud” in revenge
The brave white cloud “Rainbow” will rescue “The Old Cloud,” who was defeated in his way.

Help “Rainbow” to convert the world back to colorful and cheerful.

Free on iTunes! Thanks Kristy!