A Look at Rainbows in 80’s Cartoons

Millie Dubois wrote this fantastic article called There’s Always Another Rainbow: A Look at Rainbows in 80’s Cartoons. Here’s a couple of short excerpts; head over to read the whole thing!

“Why are rainbows so commonly used in 80’s cartoons? One reason could be in the rise of color TVs.”

“Another thing I noticed while watching these cartoons is how creatively rainbows are used. In animation, rainbows are very versatile. They have no fixed shape, you can show rainbows as an arch, a beam, a ribbon, a waterfall, etc. and still have them be recognizable.”

Rainbow Brite rainbow escalator

Glitch Achievements

This post is a bit sad because we all just found out that our beloved Glitch game is closing down. But here are some achievements they added recently. (Click each image to go to the Glitch encyclopedia.)

Rainbo Taster
Category: Cooking
Blenderized 17 Rainbo Sno Cones

Rainbo Brite
Category: Cooking
Whipped up 73 Rainbo Sno Cones in an unexcitingly generic red blender

The Rainbo Connection
Category: Cooking
Magically blended 317 Rainbo Sno Cones (in a distinctly non-magical blender)

And here’s the Rainbow Sno Cone itself:

Rainbo Sno Cone
Category: Food
A rainbo in Sno Cone form, eating this blend of all the other Sno Cones makes your tongue tingle, your sinuses snigger and your spine spontaneously decide to go on a tropical vacation to Shimmyville. Warning: Contains gloriously high levels of iMG.

Rest in peace to our beloved game, Glitch. 2009-2012.