Hi, I’m Kat and I really love rainbows! I’m from the USA. This site was partly inspired by my friend Katy’s blog Rainbow Geeks, which she has since deleted.

The name comes from the Neverending Story theme song. There’s a line that says “There upon the rainbow is the answer to our neverending story…”

You can submit your rainbow links by emailing me at katgamer at gmail dot com.

I don’t post every rainbow I see. I try to avoid gay pride things (not because I don’t like gays – I am an ally – but because this is a blog for all lovers of rainbows) and religious things. That said, there are exceptions to every rule. I also don’t post things that I really don’t like; for example, something where the colors are too dulled, or an image that someone posted of rainbow poop. Ew. And on the latter theme, I avoid tasteless or violent things, like an image I found of a decapitated mock Care Bear with a rainbow coming out its neck. So just because something is rainbow doesn’t mean it automatically makes this blog.

Comments on this blog close after 30 days in an effort to prevent spam. Got something to say? I still want to hear it! Email me at katgamer at gmail dot com.

Some links on this site are affiliate links. I use affiliate links to help defray the cost of hosting the site.


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