Embroidery Thread Art

This art installation is Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus A1 and is made from 60 miles of embroidery thread! It’s currently installed at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, as part of the Wonder exhibit that’s running until July 10, 2016. It’s part of a numbered series (currently up to 29!) and other versions are currently showing in Utah, Arkansas, and Denmark. You can see pictures of those on Gabriel Dawe’s website.


Miss Rainbow

Meet Miss Rainbow and her friend Chicky, characters by Fluffy House! Her description reads: “Be reminded of hope even on days where nothing seems to go right and give yourself a reason to smile again with the forever cheerful Miss Rainbow.” 😀 

Vinyl Figure, $39

Momiji Figure, $39

Every Lego Color Ever Made

A Lego enthusiast named Jeremy Moody made a chart of every Lego color ever produced.

“There are 182 different pieces. And no matter how the LEGO piece looks, if it has a unique color, it’s right there on the chart… Some elements might be pretty common, but most are only available in small quantities or were only part of some old set decades ago and are really hard to find these days.”

Reddit thread via Kotaku

Kawaii Monster Cafe

Sharla in Japan went to visit the Kawaii Monster cafe in Harajuku. The colors are amazing! I think my favorite food item is the “colorful poison” parfait which Sharla said was a bit much for 5 people! And the bouncy ball sink in the bathroom looks so cool! I hope when I make it to Japan the cafe is still there!


Elwood the Unicorn Mug and Cereal Bowl

Elwood is a rainbow unicorn who comes in both mug and cereal bowl form. They’re the same capacity and very similar, except the mug has a rainbow tail handle. 

First, the mug details. 3.75″ H x 3.25″ diameter; 12 oz. capacity CARE Microwave and dishwasher safe. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. Do not use on open flame or directly on a stove top. $38 at Uncommon Goods.

And now, the cereal bowl. MEASUREMENTS Approximately 4.5″ diameter x 4″ H; 12 oz. capacity CARE Microwave and dishwasher safe. To ensure years of use, avoid sudden changes in temperature. Do not use on open flame or directly on a stove top. Also $38 at Uncommon Goods.


Technicolor Ooze California Mural

This is the Platform retail building in Culver City, California, which is scheduled to open in spring 2016 according to their website.

LA artist Jen Stark created this “drippy and trippy” mural which is apparently called Technicolor Ooze. I especially love how the colors range from pastel to vivid!

DesignBoom via Adafruit

Infinite Tree

If you need some color in your office, why not pick up this infinite tree from Office Playground?

From the description: “This tree is designed using measurements from the Golden Ratio, a universal proportional system that is thought to play a role in the human perception of beauty. With the free-flowing, stress-relieving motion of this tree, each day the tree can be rotated into new shapes reflective of your mood. Infinite Tree- Rainbow measures 17” x 9.2” x 4.2”.” $39.99


Rainbow Bagels

These rainbow bagels are beautiful! Scott Rosillo, the “world’s premier bagel artist,” makes them at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn. Some of them have a funfetti-style cream cheese filling too! The best part is they’re available to be shipped nationwide (without the cream cheese), but they’re so popular that there’s currently a wait! They’re egg and dairy free.

$3.95 at The Bagel Store